DIY hair straightener

A hair straightener is a trusted friend that allows you to style quickly and conveniently. But, over time, it gets dirty, becomes unattractive in appearance. The device starts to work worse, providing uneven heating and may even cause split ends. To prevent this from happening - we clean the hair iron with our own hands. Find more here: how to clean hair straightener

Do I need a cleaning?

Ironing hair styling involves frequent hair contact with the heating surfaces. At the same time, particles of hair care and styling products remain on the plates.

When the device cools, particles of the agent stick to the surface, forming carbon deposits. The smooth surface of the heating plates can even acquire an unusual roughness, which makes it difficult to style and structure the hair.

Step-by-step cleaning process

Regardless of whether a hair styling device is used frequently or rarely, it must be cleaned periodically. How to clean the hair iron so you don't suffer?

The simplest cleaning is as follows:

1. The device is heated so that the surfaces of the iron work plates are warm.

2. Unplug the power cord.

3. A terry towel or napkin is moistened with warm water and squeezed.

4. Gently, gently pressing the towel, clean the contamination spots on the plates. Attention should also be paid to the ends of the heating elements.

5. Purification continues. In the process, you must turn the towel over to use only the new side.

6. After placing the plates in order, the box must be cleaned, which is also exposed to contamination during the operation. Particularly important is the cleaning of the outside in cases where the device is used not only to straighten the strands, but also to curl the hair.

Immediately after cleaning, the shaping device should not be used - it takes time for the plates to dry well. You can speed up the drying process with a large towel, which should clean the surface.

Persistent pollution

Washing with warm water with a terry cloth is the mildest way that eliminates the risk of damage to the surface. But how to clean when the use of water does not help? To do this, you can use a solution of alcohol in water, a solution of mild soap or a liquid containing alcohol to clean your glasses.

The cleaning process must be the same as in the previous case. Only after removing contaminants, it is necessary to walk around the treated area with a damp towel, soaked in clean, warm water to remove residual alcohol.

Additional recommendations

For the device to work for a long time, it is recommended to follow the following rules:

· do not clean with chemicals;

· do not use sponges and brushes with abrasive surfaces;

· It is not recommended to scrub with the application of effort;

· if you place only clean curls, on which no additional funds have been applied, the device will remain clean for a longer time;

· Do not operate the device wet;

· using iron only at low temperatures will not help to prevent the formation of carbon deposits, as in this case the device passes through the wires more often and keeps it longer;

· the process of using the iron can be violated not only due to contamination, but also due to improper use (for example, the threads have not been combed before);

· it is not advisable to use tools intended for other household appliances, for example, to put the iron soles of ordinary iron to clean ;

· If the inlay on the plates is so persistent that it cannot be cleaned, ask for help from professional hairdressers who use special cleaning products to clean them.

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